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ACSIA XDR Plus is a world leader and true innovator in the real-time detection and response of cyber-attacks for hybrid cloud enterprises. As a full XDR feature rich product, we also perform kernel monitoring to detect and prevent ransomware and zero-day attacks and will block any attempt to exfiltrate or encrypt data before it can start.

Better again, we include a Threat Intelligence feed to obfuscate an environment from millions of high-risk global threats such as URLs used to download malware, use of anonymous networks such as Tor, IP addresses with known poor IP reputation scoring and other indicators of compromise.

Our specialist Anti-Surveillance software detects any entity collecting information from the monitored asset, so the pre-attack data-gathering and vulnerability assessment performed by cyber criminals is prevented.

Securing data in the post-perimeter world requires organizations to move critical security capabilities to where applications are hosted and data is stored. This is data-centric cybersecurity.

Latest Articles

“ACSIA XDR Plus is like having a skilled cyber security engineer 24/7 and we are now able to capture the status of our digital security at glance and take all necessary steps to protect ourselves.”

Joe Brannigan – Chief Operating Officer, MCN Media

“ACSIA XDR Plus fills the gaps between security systems that are often siloed… this is proving to be a much more effective solution than what we had previously and has even simplified our staffing resources.”

Roberto Guglielmi – Chief Information Officer, Coeclerici

“We had a great experience using ACSIA XDR Plus from the very start when we deployed it as a Proof of Concept, through to deploying it across our entire infrastructure.”

Christian Ferranti – Chief Information Officer, Euclidea

Commercial partnerships with 4Securitas

As a product-focused company, we are looking for like-minded services and solutions partners across all geographies. We operate a tiered partnership model depending on the partnership relationship most suitable for your company.

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