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ACSIA - Automated Cybersecurity Interactive Application - effectively performs the role of a dedicated security engineer.

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ACSIA - An Enabling Technology for Proactive Security Management

ACSIA can be woven into your workflow for top down to network edge and allows security teams to focus efforts ONLY on the alerts that could lead to compromises.

ACSIA combines fullstack intrusion detection, vulnerability exploitation, asset profiling, alerting and risk metrics - all in real time. 

User friendly and quick to deploy, ACSIA can be set up in minutes. Perfect for cloud installations such as Amazon, Web Services, Azure, google Cloud as well as on-premise servers.


ACSIA informs you in real time as soon as a threat appears.


ACSIA does not create new workflows and processes - instead it automates and resolves them.


Quick and fast deployment in setting up ACSIA. No tuning or rules required.


Let the system handle the repetitive analytical tasks and leave your team handle the higher level decisions.

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What People Say
“With ACSIA we can predict our security costs - it really is very simple"
Ronan o Braonain
CTO of
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