Straightforward to Deploy, Easy to use

ACSIA allows you to manage security risk without the need for specialist staff. It is like having your very own security engineer working 24/7/365 at a fraction of the cost.

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Designed around the mind of a Hacker.

ACSIA is designed with a view of both offensive and defensive strategies,
using the mentality and modus operandi of hacker methodologies and tools that can compromise security.

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Pre Attack Threat Detection .

ACSIA helps enterprises identify and repel cyber-attacks like malware and ransomware.
Through its ability to detect the offensive tools used by hackers ACSIA can thwart attacks at the early stage before the become a problem.

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Enables Governance and Compliance.

Real time monitoring, log storage and reporting of your data assets for regulatory compliance.

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Real Time Intrusion Detection.

Captures all external or internal intrusion attempts in real-time.

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Every Year Marks Another “Worst Year Ever” for Cyber Security

Shouldn’t you be working to protect your company and their systems against cyber threats?

Take charge of your security with ACSIA real-time threat intelligence cyber security system while also enabling governance and compliance.

Using a combined approach based on log analysis, AI and machine learning, ACSIA automates time consuming security analysis – monitoring, profiling, identifying and mitigating cyber security incidents.

From detecting scans that may indicate an emerging attack, through to full blown attempts at malware injection, using ACSIA is like having a skilled security engineer at work 24/7, enabling a robust security posture while engaging the human factor for higher order leaving decision making.

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Data Centric Cyber Security

Work has fundamentally changed. Data has moved to the cloud and employees can get to it from any network, wherever they are in the world.


ACSIA informs you in real time as soon as a threat appears.

We are in a post perimeter security world. It is no longer sufficient to exclusively focus on perimeter security.

Proactive Automation

ACSIA does not create new workflows and processes – instead it automates and resolves them.

Employees work from anywhere in the world and their devices access corporate data from the cloud outside of traditional security protections. Securing data in the post-perimeter world requires organizations to move critical security capabilities to where applications are hosted and data is stored.

Quick & Easy Setup

Quick and fast deployment in setting up ACSIA. No tuning or rules required.

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What is Data Centric Cyber Security?

Data Centric security is a new approach to enterprise cybersecurity focused on the protection of corporate data when accessed by devices outside the corporate perimeter. It is a security model for the modern, perimeter-less, cloud-delivered, and privacy-focused world.

Post-perimeter security controls access to both the Internet and corporate data based on continuous assessment of risk. It then modifies access to protect data and users if risk levels are exceeded.

ACSIA perimeter defense

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