Going Green Should Be An Above And Beyond Commitment

How many times have we read and heard that this or that organization is going green and revolutionizing processes and business models often to the detriment of said processes’ efficiency, the quality of their output and, in some cases, even of their reputation? Going green should be reasonable and efficient and pervasive: it should, in …

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Life At A Cybersecurity Start-up pt.3

The 4Securitas’ Story Continues Through funding and contributions from a variety of investors – institutional, venture capital firms, and private funds – 4Securitas has managed to grow through the difficult, challenging initial start-up phase towards a more structured scale-up.  The development of an organization, from the initial stages with a handful of people on board, …

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Life At A Cybersecurity Start-up pt.2

The First Steps Life at a cybersecurity start-up certainly is full of challenges. They could be of various types, such as financial, organizational, relational, and more.   4Securitas was started in Dublin, Ireland. This birthplace constituted an excellent opportunity as well as presented obstacles that caused some hard times to the founders and first employees alike. The …

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Life at a Cybersecurity Start-up

How it Started Beyond striving for excellence, securing companies’ infrastructures, securing funds and organizing everchanging activities, life at a cybersecurity start-up is something truly worth telling about. The story of 4Securitas goes back to 2017, when two like-minds willing to change the landscape of cybersecurity in Europe, decided to partner and create a brand new …

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Cyber Ireland Conference 2023

Where: When: What: Galmont Hotal Galway, Ireland Wednesday, September 27th, 2023 Cyber Ireland National Conference 2023 The 4Securitas team was delighted to attend the annual Cyber Ireland Conference in Galway, Ireland at the Galmont Hotel overlooking Galway Bay. The atmosphere at the conference was fantastic, with 158 member organizations, the conference brought together Academics, Government …

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