ACSIA is ​location agnostic and can be installed in hybrid environments such as cloud or on-premise.

ACSIA comes in 2 different editions and is also available for purchase on the AWS Marketplace.

ACSIA Lite - Designed and tailored for SME's.
From €250 per Month.

With an active community, free documentation and plenty of video training and educational courses available, offers resources to help you make the most of your ACSIA licence.


  • Operating system log analysis
  • Application level logs analysis (app logs to be added by user during client side deployment)
  • Web traffic log analysis
  • Malicious network scan analysis
  • SQL Injection analysis
  • BotNet analysis
  • Account compromise analysis
  • Brute-Force analysis
  • XSS and sub-exploitation technique analysis
  • One client at time for enrollment and removal
  • Email and Slack integration for alert notifications
  • Up to 25 servers enrollment supported

ACSIA Enterprise - Designed for mid-large and large organizations.
​From €1250 per Month

  • Software available as 1 year/annual renewable licence. Full support for 1 year is included.
  • Direct support to 100+ client servers from our headquarters in Dublin

​Features: ​Ships with all of ACSIA Lite Features and additional as per below

  • Parallel deployment on client enrollments and removals
  • Auto mitigation of well-known attack types (i.e. botnet, sql injection, xss, attack, etc)
  • Linux docker containers monitoring - fully docker-aware
  • Kernel level anomalies and attacks detection
  • Internal user activity analysis aka UBA
  • Exploitation and 0-day analysis
  • Trojan, webshell and rootkit analysis
  • Privilege escalation analysis
  • Eavesdropping and information gathering analysis
  • File integrity check and analysis
  • User session player
  • Supports 100+ client servers

There will be no AWS subscription charges for the trial but basic AWS infrastructure charges still apply.