ACSIA is location agnostic and can be installed in hybrid environments such as cloud or on-premise. It comes in 2 different editions and is also available for purchase on the AWS Marketplace.

ACSIA Enterprise


Designed for mid-size to large organizations.

Software available as 1 year/annual renewable licence. Full product support included.

FeaturesACSIA EnterpriseACSIA Lite
System level attacks threat detection
Application level threat detection
Malicious tools detection and identification
BotNet detection
SQL Injection detection
Code Injection detection
Brute-force detection
XSS attack detection (Type-0, Reflected and Stored)
CSRF detection
LFI – File inclusion detection
Malware detection (trojan, webshell, rootkit, etc.)
Portscan detection (invasive only)
Potential account compromises (geo-location based)
Eavasdropping and information gathering detection
Portscan detection
Potential account compromises (UEBA)
Linux container support (threat detection)
User activity and session player within the notification
Internal user and entity activity analysis (UEBA)
Exploitation and 0-day detection
Privilege escalation detection
File integrity check
Kernel level threat detection (Linux systems and containers)
Automated cyber attack event handling and remediation
Incident Response (resource isolation)
Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) detection
Indicator of Compromises (IoC) detection
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