Security Operations Center (SOC) personnel said they were understaffed

SOC Centre

SOC personnel attributed the problem retaining workers to an undefined career path, poor leadership, and stress, according to a survey of 295 IT security pros by Cicero Group on behalf of security firm Exabeam.

More survey data:

  • SOC frontline employees rated the SOC’s ability to detect much lower than SOC managers.
  • Respondents reported a significant decline in SOC threat modeling effectiveness compared to previous years. 
  • Major SOC pain points included inexperienced staff, out-of-date systems and apps, reporting and documentation requirements, too many false positives, and problems procuring and deploying security tools in a timely manner.

(The Exabeam 2020 State of the SOC Report is based on the results of a May 2020 survey of security professionals from the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and Germany who are involved in the management of security operations centers (SOC) across CISO, CIO, management, and analyst roles.)

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