General States of Information Engineering, Italian Senate

Ten years ago, would you have ever imagined that my 83-year-old grandmother would send messages via WhatsApp today?” said Stefan Umit Uygur, CEO of 4Securitas, speaking to the General States of Information Engineering on Thursday 3 March 2022, at the Italian Senate.

There have been significant delays in implementing the reforms in the technological and cybersecurity fields that risk, in the current scenario of growing conflict, making Italy the weak link. This is why, as the CEO of 4Securitas prophetically warns, the next “September 11th” will be a cyber attack.

According to Stefan Umit Uygur, it is also necessary to review the methods of engagement both with innovative startups and for personnel called to work in national structures such as the newly created National Cybersecurity Agency, focusing more on real skills, abilities and resourcefulness, not only on qualifications and certifications.

Speaking after the event Mr. Uygur elaborated on the need to cast a wider net in terms of talent acquisition in the Cyber sector: “Many of the most skilled hackers and security experts do not have formal training, are self taught and exist in a parallel system to that of government agencies. There needs to be additional paths for richly talented individuals, who are not conventional employees, to take ”

The 4Securitas CEO has successfully implemented this hiring model at his startup which is developing an innovative and ambitious product to help companies and institutions in their cyber defense, ACSIA XDR Plus, with a view to enhancing professionalism to create solutions capable of responding effectively to market needs.

Watch here Stefan Umit Uygur’s complete speech on the General States of Information engineering at the Italian Senate


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