Temenos Innovation Jam – Dublin


4Securitas ACSIA – Automated Cybersecurity Interactive Application – Stefan Uygur, CTO/CEO

4Securitas are on a mission to simplify security. Our product – ACSIA (Automated Cybersecurity Intelligent application) enables organizations to protect themselves against hacking, malware, fraud and cybercrime – intrusions, data leaks. We deliver a novel product with a unique analytical engine that analyses real time log data thanks to its simple but sophisticated algorithms.

ACSIA Combines full stack intrusion detection, vulnerability exploitation asset profiling, alerting and risk metrics. It enables staff without an IT/Security background to handle some of the most critical and sophisticated IT security tasks. ACSIA is an interactive product that enables the user to respond to threats and mitigate against attacks, in real time.

All of this can be done simply from a Smartphone by actioning an alert email in a few clicks.

There is a clear market opportunity for our product in the FinTech sector especially among regulated companies with ‘data and dollars’ to protect. Our software is built for IT and security teams who want to augment their capacity to manage risk and improve their security position.

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