The 4Securitas Team is proud to announce the first release candidate of ACSIA RC v0.1.


ACSIA Release Candidate v0.1

The 4Securitas Team is proud to announce the first release candidate of ACSIA RC v0.1.

What is ACSIA?

ACSIA is an Automated Cyber Security Interactive Application which enables organizations to protect themselves against malicious attacks and unauthorized entities.

A ‘SIEM Plus’, a real-time automated interactive cyber security monitoring and cyber defence system that is:

  • SIEM because it incorporates the Elastic stack log collector.
  • Automated because all of its functions are performed with a magic touch in an automated way.
  • Interactive because it enables organizations to detect and deal with malicious users by tracking them down, kicking them out and eventually banning them permanent basis.
  • Cyber defence because it enables organisations to perform a security assessment on their IT assets and helps revealing discrepancies to defend themselves.
  • Cyber security monitoring because it monitors your IT assets by capturing anomalies with its analytical engine and algorithms.
  • Finally, GDPR ready and user friendly, it requires no special skills.

ACSIA’s Key Features

  • Assess and prioritize threats in Real-Time
  • Analyse deep level log signals from within your infrastructure with our specialist algorithms which pick up the most advanced hacking techniques
  • No disruption to your business network or systems
  • Ease of deployment in a few simple steps
  • Email notifications – with embedded remediation actions.
  • Free your systems from botnets
  • Optimize cybersecurity posture
  • Immediate notifications and reporting to enable GDPR compliance
  • Simple UI – Deploy non-tech staff with basic training

ACSIA’s Key Benefits

  • Addresses core Cybersecurity issues
  • Simple UI designed with the users needs in mind
  • Combines many competitor product features in one package
  • ACSIA allows customers to manage risk with fewer specialist staff, achieve better security and save money.
  • Simplifies Security

Thanks to our proprietary implemented algorithms that capture from the simplest to the most sophisticated anomalies (attacks) and due to its analytical engine, ACSIA puts itself in the front-line of today’s cyber security/defence products by embarking into the market as novel cyber security solution.

ACSIA comes into the market with a very competitive price that everyone can afford to put their security in place with extremely high quality product.

Get in touch and discover all of features and more about ACSIA.

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